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B52 Series

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The MB Sports B52 Series was specifically designed in the early 90’s for wakeboarding enthusiasts demanding more on the water.


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The MB Sports Tomcat Series broke the mold when we developed an alternative bow and created an aggressive, modern look that is the picklefork design.

It’s not an Option...
It’s Standard

At MB Sports, our boats come standard equipped with everything you need to enjoy your time on the water from day one. Whether you are an experienced boater, or purchasing for the first time, you will find our Tomcat and B52 series full of features that lend to your on-water experience. All of our boats are manufactured by experienced artisans, with quality, purpose built components. This allows you to stop debating the price, and start enjoying your time with family and friends.

Victory Party 1974

Irv Brendel’s “Hot Damn Hondo 006” broke records and won races in Long Beach and Oakland. In fact they broke and set every record in NDBA, APBA and UMI making history in the racing books; making them legends in their own time. Mike was the driver of that boat and was elected to the Gulf Hall of Fame as a result of those runs.

The First MB 1993

The first MB Sports boat, built by Mike and Irv Brendel along with a few trusted partners. This boat was nicknamed “Kermit” because the gelcoat came out such a bright green. It was built at a friend’s farm near Merced, CA. Then Irv, Mike, and Delbert Briscoe (mike’s father-in-law) towed it across the country, for the waterski magazine test.

The Early Days 1994

At this point in time MB was still a very small, very family-run business with Caren doing all the paperwork and answering the phones from a desk right on the factory floor. Mike and his father Irv worked side-by-side, day and night with a few other artisans, building boats by hand.

A Legend Is Born 1999

In 1999 MB Sports exploded onto the wakeboard scene with the all new B52, specifically built to create a massive wakes and challenge even the most advanced riders.

The Legend Continues.. 2000

Following the success of the B52 in 1999 MB Sports continued to improve the B52 and released a V-drive edition providing exceptional performance as well as room for the whole family.

National Notoriety 2006

By 2006 the B52 had gained National Notoriety being featured on the cover of waterski magazine. MB Sports continued to improve on the performance-driven hull design, adding billet aluminum logos and accents, along with a pro series tower that not only looked great but performed as well.

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