Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recently we have had questions regarding usage, serviceability and some of the specialized components that are a part of your MB Sports Tournament Towboat. Listed below are the questions that are most frequently asked and the recommendations we feel are appropriate. These are recommendations; the final decision is ultimately the customer's.

  1. Absolutely Not!!!

    The minimum distance should be at least 30 feet behind your boat. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a silent killer. Fresh air is your only protection. Also, you should always turn off your engine when you are not moving. DO NOT idle for long periods of time.

  2. Yes, your engine computer is adjusting for the change in altitude.

  3. Any good boat soap or mild dishwashing liquid soap works great (1-2 capfuls of liquid soap to one gallon of water). Please use generously and change towels often. Rinse with water and dry immediately. Wash the boat in a shaded area, trying to avoid direct sunlight.

  4. Be sure your tires are filled to maximum capacity when cold. Low tire pressure builds heat, causing excessive tire wear and in some cases can cause tire failure.

  5. CAUTION: It is the owner’s responsibility to check the bolts on your wakeboard tower, speakers, racks and any other bolt-on accessories. This equipment absorbs a tremendous amount of energy traveling along the highway. The shoulder of the road is especially abusive to your boat; its components and your trailer. Please check you boat and trailer periodically.
  6. CAUTION: Buddy Bearings on your trailer axles do NOT require excessive grease. When used correctly you will only need grease 2-3 times a year. Use a low-pressure grease gun. If insert rocks from side to side, do not grease.
  7. CAUTION: Swim steps are made for entering and exiting the boat. DO NOT OVER LOAD platform (500 lbs. max.) when using. Never use brackets as tie downs.
  8. CAUTION: Towers are designed for wakeboarding and surfing only. Never use to waterski or pull inflatables, etc. The tower could cause bodily injury or death if failure occurs by overloading.
  9. CAUTION: Never overload your boat with excessive weight. 15 person maximum on any MB model.
  10. Your boat comes equipped with Drain Master, Electric Ballast Valves. We are confident that this product will be a true benefit to your future boating experience.
    • Your Drain Master is extremely easy to use and requires little maintenance.
    • Before you use your wake system, make sure you have read and understand how the wake system works.
    • When you are ready to fill your ballast tanks, simply push the switch toward the word “open”. The valve opens and the ballast tanks will fill completely in about 50 to 60 seconds.
    • To close your valve, simply push the rocker switch to the “close” position.
    • The switch is a momentary center return. (Which means, when you release the switch, it will automatically return to off).
    • When you are ready to empty your ballast tanks, push the switch down toward the word “Close”. Open and Close work exactly the same so use the same procedure to fill and dump. The only exception is when dumping the ballast water, the boat has to be moving forward fast enough to expose the ballast drain inlet/outlets.
    • IMPORTANT: Should you ever lose power to your boat, you can open or close the valve manually. To do this, use the supplied 1/8” Allen Wrench secured on the back of the valve. On either side of the Drain Master, you will see the words “Manual Override” on the upper center area. The words Open and Close with directional arrows provide directions in which you will turn the hex head in the middle of this wording. Turn in the direction you need. There will be resistance as you are overriding a safety clutch, Turn until the shaft stops. The gate will fully open or close with about a turn and a half with the Allen Wrench. When convenient, check and correct electrical problem.

      NOTE: The manual override was designed for use in emergency situations only.

  11. No, the gauge is semi-accurate, to completely empty the tanks you must remove the ballast tank plugs after loading your boat on the trailer and let them drain. On 2009 models forward, you can open the transom valve.

  12. Yes, the MB Sports ballast system is designed to empty in 30-60 seconds with the boat on plane. The factory equipped plug and play bags will empty into the hard tanks and out of the boat through the quick fill ballast valves.

  13. No, always empty your tanks before towing. The trailer is NOT designed to carry the extra weight.

  14. No, it is best to tow with a towable boat cover only if you are traveling long distances and are unsure of road and weather conditions.

  15. No, regular fuel is fine. (87 octane 343 H.P.) Or (89 octane 400 H.P.)

  16. Engine and transmission once a year or 75 hours regardless of the number of hours used during the season.

  17. Grease lightly 2-3 times a year, over greasing can cause your boat to steer or turn hard.

  18. MB boats are equipped with engines requiring synthetic oil. Refer to your owners manual or for recommendations on the proper fluids for your engine.